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Pelvic Floor Weakening
The Natural Non-Surgical Solution

Feeling younger starts from the inside out. As we age, the pelvic floor muscles weaken, shrink and atrophy from disuse. Overstretching from childbirth, decline in muscle-building hormones due to menopause, and scarring from "repair surgery" contribute to the problem. Symptoms include pelvic pain, bladder dysfunction, lack of sexual response, pain with intercourse, and lower back discomfort. In the past, too many women gave up on feeling great, and resigned themselves to feeling "old." Don't put up with something you don't have to: Start from the inside out!
No matter what your age,
you can rebuild muscle tissue
now - with GyneFlexTM.
All of us are prone to vaginal muscle atrophy, whether or not we've had children. Using GyneFlexTM before problems arise can be the best prevention. If you are experiencing muscle atrophy symptoms now, GyneFlex can be the fastest, most effective way to recover. Unlike Kegel exercises alone, which can only contract muscles isometrically, GyneFlexTM is the first simple, comfortable , medically designed way to exercise your vaginal muscles isotonically - against resistance - to actually increase muscle strength and restore youthful tone. So go ahead: Walk, laugh, and dance without worry. Feel great again. Experience the joy of love-making like never before.

"GyneFlex helped me more than the 2 surgeries I had." - Emmie Seidel
"I plan on using GyneFlex forever. I wasn't convinced at first, but I found after using it, it really helps." - Tilly Mayer

"I was happy to have tried GyneFlex because I tried other products and found GyneFlex the easiest to use. It is something that I will continue to do, like brushing my teeth for the rest of my life." - Jennie Pennridge

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Change one thing. Affect your entire well-being.

Welcome to a better life. GyneFlexTM

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GyneFlexTM with VTPTM is the only medically designed exerciser offering resistance exercise for vaginal muscles . As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific recommendations.

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