What Is GyneFlex?

GyneFlexTM with Vaginal Tightening Program is a revolutionary doctor-developed resistence exerciser for pelvic floor muscles (PFM: also called vaginal or pubococcygeus, or love muscles). By exercising with GyneFlexTM on a regular basis, a woman can increase her inner muscle strength and tone to achieve optimum pelvic support and bladder control; and in turn, improve sexual function.
GyneFlexTM has been created
to help women empower
themselves from the inside out.
Like a weight-training program for your inner body, GyneFlexTM is to vaginal muscle exercise what dumbells are to arm curls. Made from a gentle plastic that has been anatomically molded to comfortably fit our bodies, GyneFlexTM allows you to gauge your own progress as you exercise. Each box comes with 2 GyneFlexTM devices: one light and one medium resistance, so you can "work your way up" to better and better results! There are 6 different resistance levels available. And GyneFlexTM comes with a detailed exercise manual to answer your questions and guide every step of the way. Unlike Kegel's isometric exercises (which cannot build muscle strength), with GyneFlex's isotonic exercises, the more you train, the more you gain: in self-confidence, in control of more sensitive and stronger inner muscles.

In just a few minutes a day, you can build a better life.
Whether your Pelvic Floor Muscles are weak or strong, using GyneFlex now can prevent devastating problems ahead. And the benefits are most rewarding! GyneFlexTM is the first easy, sensible way to keep your "inner self" as healthy and happy as possible. Experience the best within you. Act now.

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Welcome to a better life. GyneFlexTM

Try it, it will make a difference.
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GyneFlexTM with VTPTM is the only medically designed exerciser offering resistance exercise for vaginal muscles . As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific recommendations.

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